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If you are looking for useful information....definitely don't listen to We Heart Mom Jokes, the funniest and sweetest take on parenting out there. Welcome! Have you eaten?

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We Heart Mom Jokes!

Live Episode! Coming soon!

March 19, 2021


1 hour long

We celebrate 1000 downloads with a live show featuring Jaci Terjeson and Lin Sun. In the spirit of moms momming it up, proceeds from this show go to Second Harvest Food Bank in San Jose. Please come and watch! We have $0 tickets available if that is a barrier for you.

Just go to www.givebutter.com/momjokes
and select the option most comfortable for you.

Show time March 19th, 6pm PDT/8pmCDT/9pmEDT on Zoom.

Episode 13: Is the world on timeout?

March 12, 2021


10 minutes long

We recap season 2 and also cover important subjects such as whether it's emotional cheating to consult a psychic, alternative uses for lavender bath salts, and hypocritical pickles.

We also talk about our upcoming Live! show on March 19th to celebrate 1000 downloads of this podcast! Register at www.givebutter.com/momjokes. Proceeds (totally optional) go to Second Harvest Food bank. We'd love to see you!

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Episode 12: You do you. Nothing else works.

March 3, 2021


34 minutes long

We talk to Emily Paige about the importance of being true to yourself because the alternative is... not good. We discuss having mom jokes mansplained at us as well as being harassed for the mere fact of wanting to tell jokes. And there's a grand reveal near the end on our true motivations for doing comedy. Spoiler alert - it's because we like to have fun!

As usual, if you are looking for useful parenting tips... do they have to be useful?

You can find Emily at @EmPaigeComedy on Twitter and @EmilyPaigeComedy on Instagram

Episode 11: Playing a changing game

February 7, 2021


33 minutes long

We talk to Danna Kiel about comedy, parenthood and chess and how all three are surprisingly similar. A defensive game only takes you so far. And you are only as good as your last move. Don't believe us? Try negotiating with a 3-year-old... or a drunk heckler. (Fact: They're not that different).

As always, if you are looking for useful parenting tips ...so are we!

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Episode 10: Don't let the accent fool you

January 12, 2021


31 minutes long

Mature topics and language alert! In this wide-ranging episode with Bobbie Oliver, the three of us have a grand time conversing in three different languages, all of them English. We talk to Bobbie about her unconventional path to motherhood. Let's just say, she could run a master class on embracing what life sends your way. We talk about standard outsider problems like daring to dream and being judged for our accents. The conclusion? Let them misunderestimate (sic) us! It makes the reveal more fun.

As always, if you are looking for parenting tips...are you open to cautionary tales?

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Episode 9: No more niceties

December 29, 2020


28 minutes long

In this episode with Dewa Dorje, we reflect on our love of comedy. Spoiler alert: it involves our parents. We also talk about what smells worse than Axe body spray. (Hint: Not using Axe body spray.) Finally, Dewa completely defies the spirit of this podcast and gives an actually useful parenting tip. It involves bathrooms. It's a good one.

As always, if you are looking for useful parenting tips...oh wait, this episode actually has one! Scream!

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Episode 8 : I saw it on the internet, so it must be true

December 9, 2020


34 minutes long

In this episode with Jaci Terjeson, we discuss important matters like career options for Zoom perverts, power moves on airplanes and whether, as moms, we are also allowed to be people. We also uncover a Seattle conspiracy theory involving umbrellas and, hold on to your hats, rain. It's fascinating! Big Metorology exposed! Finally!

​As always, if you are looking for useful information on parenting...we'd like to get you in on the ground floor with these magic beans.

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Episode 7 : Is cussing allowed on this podcast?

November 18, 2020


29 minutes long

In this episode with Lin Sun, we cover, among other things, how jail prepares you for motherhood (!) We talk about about how doing standup is less scary than being a mom. And the healing value of having low standards. It's true, sometimes you just have to let go.

​As always, if you are looking for useful information on parenting....sorry we can't help. Have you tried the internet?

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Bonus Episode : Welcome to the tribe!

November 5, 2020


9 minutes long

In this short episode, Smita and Lalita reflect on how fun it's been to do the podcast and what to expect in the new season. They discuss issues like whether our butts are mad at us and international underwear nomenclature. Let's just say pants don't mean the same thing everywhere. They also explore the potential for an alter ego podcast, "We Hate Mom Jokes", but fortunately it doesn't go very far.

As always, if you are looking for useful information on parenting....definitely don't listen to season 2 of We Heart Mom Jokes, the funniest and sweetest take on parenting out there.

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Episode 6 : We're all the same kind of weird!

September 15, 2020


27 minutes long

We talk to Davine Ker, a standup comic, mom, double-immigrant and polyglot! We talk about how motherhood prepares you for standup - whether it's getting used to nobody listening to you, or hearing people botch jokes all day long and still insist you listen! The season ends on a bright note as we chat about the (small) silver linings of 2020 including fewer speeding tickets and the Masked Smize(TM)!

Thank you for sticking around and listening to Mom Jokes! We love you! We see you!

​As always, if you are looking for useful information on parenting....good luck! Godspeed! Try to laugh along the way.

You can find Davine @DavineDC on all platforms

Episode 5 : Easy...and Hilarious! / Mom is joking! Mom jokes!

September 15, 2020


31 minutes long

We talk to Susan Lieu, a playwright, performer, standup comic, entrepreneur, chocolatier and mother. We talk about things like who needs time outs the most (hint: it's not the kids.) And innovations that make parenting easier, like designated screaming rooms and snot gloves. And the fact that we are probably not doing the best we could as parents. And that's ok.

As always, if you are looking for useful information on parenting....good idea! Please share what you find!

Follow Susan @ www.susanlieu.me

Episode 4 : If you're doing well, that's weird

September 15, 2020


30 minutes long

We talk to Jeanette Marin, a mom of four (yes, four), standup comic and cancer (yes, cancer) survivor about staying positive and celebrating the little things. In this episode, we cover important topics like flying placentas, pandemic birthday party planning and details like the point of life.

As always, if you are looking for useful information on parenting, please go to a different podcast.

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