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Almost Favorite is run by Smita (she / her), a working mother of two and standup comic. She is particularly interested in how women get to be themselves. And what we think and say when we really feel free - which honestly, is not as common as one would hope.


When she’s not convincing her children to do as she says and not as she does, Smita is busy thinking of ways to make strangers laugh. You can find her on twitter at @AlmostFavorite and see her experiments with interactive storytelling at

She's been featured in the Huffington Post for her viral sensation / interactive game on parenting in a pandemic that you can find on this website at


She is also a co-host of the We Heart Mom Jokes podcast  which takes a funny and compassionate look at the absurdity of parenting in a pandemic, featuring standup from mom comedians. 

You can contact her at

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